How Hard Can it Be to Take Our Own San Jose Wedding Pictures?

San Jose Wedding Photographer – Is it Hard to DO?

Your San Jose wedding is fast approaching and as the anxiety grows in everyone associated with the big day, two big concerns weigh on everybody’s mind. Those are…

(1) How can we reduce the stress of this big day?
(2) How can we cut the costs?

(I don’t advice cutting out the professional photographer from your budget if you want memorable photos of you and your love ones).

These two questions are in conflict with each other too because in order to reduce stress, you have to increase the work that someone has to do. Sometime during the preparation time frame, the idea will come up, why don’t we let “John Jones” do our San Jose wedding pictures? John Jones may be someone’s brother who is “really good at photography” or just a friend of the family. The appeal is that they will save you a pile of money and probably do just as good a job as the expensive San Jose wedding photographer.

While you certainly want to watch out before you turn over this important job, maybe you or someone in the San Jose wedding party can take the photos as well as a professional. After all, how many San Jose wedding nightmares have you heard about a professional San Jose wedding photographer who either damaged the romantic nature of the ceremony by butting in too often, aggravated the guests by blotting out their view of the San Jose wedding to get an action shot or charged an arm and a leg only to deliver poor quality photos.

San Jose Wedding Photographer – Can an amateur do it?

In truth, it is entirely possible for an “amateur” San Jose wedding photographer to do a terrific job taking pictures at the San Jose wedding. But there are some guidelines you should follow if that job has fallen to you. If you are reading this as the bride, groom or anxious mother and you are considering using a friend for these photos, spend an hour going over these guidelines and not only will you get better pictures, your anxiety level will go down too.

1. Know your equipment inside and out. Whether you are using a run of the mill digital camera or an expensive set up that has taken you years to work up, make sure everything is in top-notch working order and that you are thoroughly familiar with every nuance of the machine. Remember Murphy’s Law. If anything can go wrong, it will. So keep Murphy out of the San Jose wedding by checking and double checking your camera and related equipment.

2. Have spares of everything possible. If there are batteries involved with the operation of the camera, have several spare sets on hand and know where they are. If the batteries go out as the bride and party are posed at the alter, you don’t want an hour delay why you run to the 7-11 to get more. The same goes for flash bulbs and even the camera itself. Have spares of everything possible so Murphy just goes to the next San Jose wedding down the road to make his mess.

3. The photo is about more than the bride and groom. If you are used to “staging” your pictures, you may not worry that often with activity in the room. After all, if everybody is posing, the environment is controlled. This will not be the case during an action shot like during the San Jose wedding or reception. So keep a keen awareness of the room, the activity around the subjects, the lighting and background props. You don’t want to produce the perfect shot of bride and groom kissing only to have Cousin Ned gagging on the cake in the background.

4. Be aware of glare from windows, lights and eyeglasses. These can sneak up on you.

San Jose Wedding Photographer – Say Good Luck

As a rule, someone who is part of the event can get great shots because they know the people and can be mixing as those wonderful “little moments” occur. So it’s worth a try if you feel good about the skills of your San Jose wedding photographer and they follow these little guidelines.

Even though you have followed the guidelines here, photographing a wedding is very hectic and have it’s challenges. You will be taking a big change if you should use an amateur or your cousin to take your photos during your San Jose Wedding. Good Luck!

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5 Steps to Finding a Memorable San Jose Wedding Favor

san jose weddingSan Jose Wedding – Favors

Your San Jose wedding is not just a celebration of your love; it is also a way to thank the special people in your life. San Jose wedding favors, in particular, are the expression of that gratitude. It says “thank you for being there”—and also, is a token of affection.

That’s why couples should give as much thought to their San Jose wedding favors as they do to any other detail in the San Jose wedding . Why give something boring and generic, which will only end up gathering dust in the corner of a closet? Make it special, make it beautiful, and make it unique—something that, when seen, will make them remember you and your San Jose wedding .

San Jose Wedding – Selections

You’ll find many unique ideas for San Jose wedding favors. Here are just things to consider as you choose from the selection:

* Follow your San Jose wedding theme. Did you have a beach San Jose wedding ? A little glass jar with sand and shells can be used as a paperweight. Add a romantic quote or a verse from a poem with a sea theme, and you have something appropriate and practical. Dried flowers pinned against a refrigerator magnet make a lovely garden San Jose wedding favor, while a Medieval themed San Jose wedding can have chocolate coins in a velvet pouch.

* Be nostalgic. Dress up a photo frame with a couple portrait, or a CD with your favorite music. Even an ordinary box, useful for odds and ends like paperclips or jewellery, becomes a touching San Jose wedding favor if it’s filled with potpourri and a personal note from the couple thanking the guest for “sweet memories”.

* Give something useful, but dainty. What about a champagne charm with a heart (to “toast” your new life), with a note that says that you hope that your guest will have many days as happy as this San Jose wedding is for you? A sachet with potpourri, to put into the closet, can also carry the scent of the flowers in your bouquet. These are things that they won’t buy for themselves, but will definitely appreciate—while carrying the theme of your San Jose wedding .

* Think “sweets”. Chocolates and candies are always a welcome souvenir, and can be wrapped to reflect the theme of your San Jose wedding . If you have a very elegant evening San Jose wedding , try rum balls in a small gold box; or if you have a seaside San Jose wedding , give chocolates shaped like sea shells. You can even ask some suppliers to form your monogram into a chocolate, or have chocolate handpainted to look like little bouquets of flowers.

* Even “ordinary” San Jose wedding favors become extra special if they’re presented properly. Try grouping your San Jose wedding favors to become part of the table centerpiece. For example, little boxes of chocolate, arranged in a tier, can add to the beauty of the reception area. Or, you can have chocolate rosebuds inserted into your regular floral centerpiece—now that’s a “sweet” discovery!

San Jose Wedding – What’s next?

There are so many unique San Jose wedding favors that the problem isn’t what to give, but which one to give. And with the large variety, there’s bound to be one that fits into your budget and theme.

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4 Tips to Help Write Personal San Jose Wedding Vows

San Jose Wedding – About Vows

A person’s San Jose wedding is one of the most memorable, important, and high points in an individual’s life. At a time when a man and a woman want to make the ultimate commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, the desire to have personalized vows is certainly understandable. This is one of the most unique and special days in a person’s life, so if you want to speak your own personal San Jose wedding vows, than by all means, you should go for it!

Writing your own vows can be intimidating. San Jose wedding days always add pressure to even the most mundane of tasks, and certainly writing the vows you want to say to your significant other in front of all your friends and family is no small matter! Still, don’t let fear cause you to go along with some basic commonly used San Jose wedding vows if you really want that personalized touch. Just follow a few basic tips, and this will help you be on your way to writing the tips your future spouse deserves!

San Jose Wedding – The 4 Tips

1. Write from the heart. Your San Jose wedding day represents the epitome of love between you and your future spouse. The two of you are together for a reason. Anything you write should be honest and from your heart, because that is what will really make your words special.
2. You don’t have to be Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson. If you are a poet, great. Keep in mind, though, that in the end words are just words. Your San Jose wedding vows do not have to be an amazing classic piece of literature—they need to be an honest display of your feelings for the other person. Don’t use long poetical words if all it does is put distance between your words and your feelings.
3. It’s okay to brainstorm. Before you set down to write everything, make a list of the things about your spouse that you absolutely love about your spouse, then make a list of the commitments you want to make. Figure out what parts of those lists you really want to include (keep in mind the vows are read in front of families and friends) and keep those.
4. Short and Sweet. It doesn’t take many words or a lot of time to make your heart known to everyone present. A lot can be said in a really short time, so don’t feel like you have to make the vows any longer than they naturally come out.

San Jose Wedding – Final Thought

Follow these four tips, and you’ll find yourself getting over your worries to write some great San Jose wedding vows that your spouse will love!

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San Jose Wedding Photography – Using Your Own Digital Camera

San Jose Wedding Photography – About Digital Camera

I don’t advice replacing a San Jose professional photographer with a consumer grade digital camera / relative with a professional camera. You’ll not get the professional quality.

Cameras have always been present in times of events. They can really help people keep all of their treasured memories. Of course, during weddings/nuptials the ever-reliable cameras are surely present.

It is well known that San Jose weddings are one of the wonderful events in an individual’s life. Many people wait for the day they can have a sacred union with the one that they love. And in order for them to have at least a good memory of this great event, cameras are needed.

You know, it’s amazing how far our technology has come with regards to San Jose wedding photography. Many devices or gadgets are now being introduced in order to help people treasure special moments in their everyday lives.

There are also new cameras that are being made especially to capture the most treasured times in our everyday lives. Among these devices are digital cameras. These devices are really great for capturing happy moments during events like weddings.

Since the introduction of digital cams, they have outsold film cameras. Thus, this makes digital San Jose wedding photography a more popular service than film photography. Why?

San Jose Wedding Photography Digital Camera and Your Wedding

Well, this may be because digital photography can take wedding pictorials into new heights. Cameras used for digital photography provides a lot of new advantages to their users.

One of the major advantages of these digital cameras is that they let users skip the usual film separation process, which is among the most time-consuming processes in photography. So, removing one time-consuming process would mean getting results faster, right? And when living in a fast-phase society, quick results are a must!

Another advantage of digital San Jose wedding photography is that, even though it provides fast results, the quality of each printed photo is not sacrificed. This means that no matter how fast you get your pictures, the result is still beautiful.

Another advantage of digital San Jose wedding photography is that it provides customization options to its users. This would mean that a user can edit photos even before they are printed. You can change the size, brightness, contrast or sharpness of your photo. You can even add or remove some details on your photos.

Digital photography has also integrated with cellular phones. This means that you only need to bring a phone to take pictures during weddings. Nevertheless, it is a fact professional digital cameras can provide better results than the cameras of cellular phones. Most professional digital cams have 6 mega pixels while cellular phones usually have lower mega pixel.

San Jose Wedding Photography – What Are the Advantages of Digital Camera?

But perhaps the greatest advantage of digital San Jose wedding photography is the availability of your photos to be reproduced over and over again without making any variations between the first printed photo and the last photo printed. Digital photography allows users to save their files on their computers, which would mean that they can be reproduced without wearing out any film, since it doesn’t need one.

But, no matter how great a technology is, it’s still not perfect. One of the major disadvantages of digital photography is that it is not ideal for 4-color printing. Why? Well this is because of the fact that there will always be a variation between the images you will see on your pc monitor and your 4 color printed photo.

Why? Well, computer monitors use RGB, right? Four color printing uses CMYK. RGB and CMYK have entirely different outputs. So, no matter what you do, the image on your monitor will never be the same as your 4 color photos, unless there are computer monitors that also use CMYK to produce colors for the images and texts.

Nevertheless, digital San Jose wedding photography Digital Camera is still better than film photography and that is also a fact. See for yourself.

Benipayo Photography Studio

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Planning a San Jose Baby Shower

Mommy To Be and San Jose Baby Shower

San Jose baby showers are a lot of fun, especially for pregnant mom-to-be. Not only is this something for the baby, but now she doesn‘t have to go out and buy. Before you throw a San Jose baby shower for someone there are a few things you should do to prepare. The first thing is figure out if this will be a surprise shower or not. There are benefits to both, the first one being if she knows she can help you with a list of people that she would like to be there. However, if it is a surprise she’ll be touched that you cared enough to throw her a San Jose baby shower, but be careful you don’t want to give her too much of surprise and put her in labor.

Making the Guest List for Your San Jose Baby Shower

When it comes to making the guest list things can get a little tricky. Find out if there is anyone that would be upset if they weren’t invited. Never leave out close family or friends, at least give them the option of showing up.

Games During the San Jose Baby Shower

Planning games for a shower can be a bit difficult when you have so many fun games and have a few gifts to pass out as prizes. San Jose baby shower games are a lot of fun, here is a quick list.
Mommy to be San Jose baby shower

Mommy’s belly- The mom-to-be stand in the center of the room and each guests get to decide how big her belly is using a string or a toilet paper sheets. Find out who guessed the closest.

Guess the nursery rhyme- Give each guest a sheet of nursery rhymes and have them guess the nursery rhyme or finish it. This will help everyone remember them and see who reads those bedtime stories.

Did you say Baby Game?- Each guest is giving small clothespins to wear around their neck on a necklace or on their shirt. Every time someone says “Baby” if someone catches them they get to take one pin. At the end of the party the guest with the most pins wins a prize.

Memory- Using a plastic tin of some sort place a bunch of baby items in it such as, bib, thermometer, baby spoon, diaper rash crème, etc. Anything you’d use on a baby. Let each guest get a chance to look in the bin for a few seconds and take it away. Once everyone is finished have them write down everything that was in the box. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Baby Food Tasting – Have a variety of baby food in jars, take off the outside wrapper and place a number at the bottom of the jar, on a separate piece of paper write the name of each jar. Each guest is dished out a spoonful of baby food to try. Have them write down what they think each one is. The one with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Have a great San Jose baby shower and don’t forget to bring a gift.

Have you considered giving your love one a gift by having them photograph by a professional photographer. By a San Jose Maternity photographer or by a San Jose Baby Photographer.

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3 Things to Pay Attention to for Your Budget San Jose wedding

Budget San Jose wedding

Getting married is one of your most important day of our lives. Some people tend to have a budget San Jose wedding as to save their money for some practical reasons. What important to know is that a budget San Jose wedding does not mean a cheap San Jose wedding. It all depends on how smart you plan your budget San Jose wedding.

There are many aspects that you can cut cost of your wedding expenditures. However, you should pay attentions on some aspects so that you will not sacrifice the quality of it.

First, San Jose wedding Photography and/or Videography. A professional San Jose wedding photography can charge you anywhere between $1000-$3000. You might think that you can just ask your friend or relative to take your San Jose wedding pictures. It is a No No. San Jose wedding pictures and videos are the only things that you can see or view to re-live your San Jose wedding moments in future. If you really need to cut your budget, try asking around from some photography clubs. There are some members out there who really have a hobby of photography and would not mind to give you lower prices. One good practice is to pay them first to do your pre-San Jose wedding picture or video. If you satisfy with the results, you can contract him/her again for you San Jose wedding day.

San Jose wedding – Venue

San Jose wedding venue. If you think that you could save money by having your San Jose wedding money in your house for free of charge, make sure that your house if conformable enough for guest to gather around. We would like the guest to be comfortable so that they would stay longer. In the end, how could the San Jose wedding party be nice when guests are leaving early? Try to find good venue that match your theme. You would find that in some days or time, the price could be lower.

San Jose wedding – Flowers

Flowers. Have you asked around how much it will cost you for arranging San Jose wedding ceremony flowers? You get shocked when it could cost you above $700 right? Some of the flower vendor could charge you very cheap. But the be careful of vendor that will show you a good sample of flowers, and when it is time for your San Jose wedding day, he/she will arrange the flowers with some “not fresh” ones. Well, you can always cut your cost here buy ordering the flowers that are in season. Or, you can have a garden San Jose wedding without adding more budgets to flower decorations.

There are other aspects to consider for your budget wedding. Overall, the important thing is to have proper planning for your budget San Jose wedding. You can cut cost up to 50% of what you have budgeted.

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Creating A San Jose Wedding Time Capsule

Tips Creating San Jose Wedding Time Capsules

One of the San Jose wedding trends that’s really revving up brides today is the addition of a time capsule to the San Jose wedding prep proceedings. Yes, the San Jose wedding time capsule is a growing trend — to the point where you can buy a pre-made kit from many web sites.

In kit form, your San Jose wedding time capsule takes the form of an attractive tin, in which you place various mementos — photos, videos — as well as predictions for the future; then, you seal it all up with some festive stickers, to help discourage premature peeking. You decide ahead of time how long you’ll wait until you open it again — your 10th anniversary? 25th anniversary? And then you write a stern directive to yourself on the tin to help you keep to the agreement.

Although most people equate “time capsule” with “something you bury in the ground,” burying your San Jose wedding time capsule isn’t a great idea. Not only does that subject the contents to extreme temperature variations, but with the US Census recently reporting that the average American moves every five years, chances of you leaving behind a buried San Jose wedding time capsule before the hoped-for anniversary rolls around are high indeed. Instead, keep yours out of the elements and somewhere relatively kind — avoid damp attics, but a climate-controlled closet would be just perfect.

DIY San Jose Wedding Time Capsule

Some of us just like to do things our own way, and a San Jose wedding time capsule is no exception. Of course you can create your own! And a great way to do that is to get close friends and relatives in on the fun. Have them scribble up some predictions — or perhaps marital advice. Take advantage of a pre-San Jose wedding party to snap photos of your intimates, and tuck the photos into the capsule. If you really want to motivate people to get involved, hold some kind of drawing for participants, such as a San Jose wedding raffle — give away a box of fine cigars, a bottle of bubbly or even an afternoon at a spa.

While you’re letting others in on the action, there are number of ways to go about it. One is to compose a list of predictions for everyone to guess at — the whole experience is similar to filling out a junior high slam book, and just as fun. For example, ask participants to predict:

How many children you’ll have,
what kind of household robots you’ll have,
how many career changes you’ve gone through,
what major nation we’re closest to, and which one we’re mad at,
what animal is the trendiest pet,

… and so on.

More Tips on San Jose Wedding Time Capsule

Another is to ask your San Jose wedding party and close friends to compose short letters to you. Give them each envelopes, and instruct them to tell you on the outside when it’s time to open the envelope. Some will simply say “fifth anniversary,” “10th anniversary,” or “when your first child is born.” Others will get more creative — and you’ll probably find it’s terrific fun to stretch out the San Jose wedding time capsule concept in this inventive, unpredictable way.

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How To Cherish Your Loved Ones With A Family Photographer

Family Photography

A family photographer has exerted efforts to take beautiful and timeless photographs. Professional photographers take photography as their profession and means of living while an amateur photographer take pictures for fun and as a hobby. Either way, capturing moments through your camera is a very fulfilling job and pastime.

What a professional photographercan do for your family is priceless, as well as being a profound gesture to help you keep memories alive in the coming years. Their dedication and expertise is the result of years of experience and truly reveals their love for this profession.

Most families hire a photographerto take their family pictures at certain locations or on specific occasions. This is normally done when every member of the family is present such as at reunions, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions. A rare get together is worth a thousand pictures and one thing to keep these experiences alive is to have the memory of them recorded through photographs.

How can a family photographers help you keep memories?

Memories printed – Every single picture taken of you and your family can be printed. Printing your pictures will enable you to create a family album. These family albums will remain your remembrance of that beautiful day when everyone was there to share the fun and excitement of the occasion.

Testament of family history

A professional photographerwilloftenspecialise in family images. They can incorporate each family member at various ages and add these images to a single photo that captures a timeless and present experience. These photographers know how to set up a good photo for infants, toddlers, teens and adults. With their talent, you can have the best experience in family photograph sessions.

The bond between you and the photographer – An expert photographercarries the air of informality and casualty. They normally interact with family members to gain their confidence and trust and try to make photos as casual, yet professional, as possible. A relaxed bonding can produce excellent family photos.

They help you create memories – The moment of happiness in every picture taken is not the only thing that matters, but how the photographerdelivered the image. The angles and expressions that were captured will be priceless to you in the years to come as you look back over them and relive the fond memories.

When hiring a photographer,choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. If you are not comfortable, it will reflect in the quality of the photo that is taken. If you don’t wish to take the session inside a studio, and would prefer a more natural and relaxed setting, ask the photographer if they are flexible about the location. There are many wonderful family shots that are taken outdoors where families are in natural poses, laughing and interacting with each other. These truly make some of the best photos and will definitely be the ones that you cherish the most.

Do you have questions about your family portrait?  Call or contact me for your questions.

Are you looking for a top quality Family Photographer? Lisa B Weddings is a Northampton based company that will be able to help. For more information on the company please visit the website at

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5 Simple Ideas for Fun Family Photos

When it comes to the dynamics of a family, nothing is ever “posed” and stiff! A day in the life usually involves chaos and craziness at every turn. Have you ever seen those family pictures where everyone matches, the background is a muddy shade of tie-dye blue, and the kids have gone bug-eyed from posing too long? I couldn’t imagine looking at a picture of my family like this and thinking, “Wow, this picture really encapsulates who we are together.” Um, I don’t think so!

Families involve happy times, angry times, silly times, crazy times, and everything in between. The only way to get the real-ness of a family is to find a photographer that can catch those in between reactions and go on a fun (no, really!) family photo shoot with you.

1) Go OUTSIDE the box (Or studio, that is)

Sometimes being in a studio just creates that stuffy stifled atmosphere that suppresses the real interactions of a family. I believe that each family member gets nervous because it is an out-of-the-ordinary setting and one no one is used to. So, get out of there! Take the kids and go to a park. Visit the zoo or go get some ice cream. For fun family photos, take a trip somewhere to do something your family is used to doing together. Your family photos will look more real, your photographer will have an easier time of catching those moments that make your family unique, and everyone will be relaxed and at ease with each other. No nervousness allowed!

2) Matching Smatching

I don’t know any families that wear matching clothing all of the time. If you want family photos that look real, look believable, and look like YOU, wouldn’t it make sense to do the things you’re used to doing every day? If you don’t wear matching shirts every time you leave the house, don’t wear them to the photo shoot! Wear things you are comfortable in and that make each of you feel good. Bright colors usually work the best for the camera and help each person to stand out from the background. My suggestion is to pick a color scheme and stick with it. Choose just a few colors for your family photos that everyone is comfortable with and looks attractive in. Blend – don’t match.

3) Ignore the camera -no, seriously

I have seen so many occasions where people get in front of the camera and automatically freeze. There is just something about that big glass lens that makes people stiffen up and become nervous! The BEST way to become comfortable in front of the camera is to act like it isn’t even there. IGNORE IT. Tell the kids to ignore the camera like they ignore you when you tell them to clean their room. Yep, that should get the message across. The more you act like yourselves, the better your family pictures will turn out.

4) Photographer knows best

Moms, you may have to take a breather on this one. For your family photos, ask your family photographer for suggestions and tips on how to make your day more successful. For example, I would tell a client to make sure you scheduled your family photo session around your normal daily schedule. Be aware of naptimes,  wake-up times, work-times, and any other time that you are used to during your daily routine. Also, be very aware of the time of day that you choose for your shoot. If you want to take a trip to the park for your family photos, don’t plan on having the shoot at 1pm in the afternoon. The light will not work nearly as well as it would closer to evening or late afternoon. Squinty eyes can ruin a picture! Always ask your photographer for some helpful tips and ideas to you can plan your shoot accordingly. Remember: The photographer wants to work with you!

5) ALL Day is okay!

Here is a fun family photo idea that I often like to throw out there: why not book a family photographer for the entire DAY? Have the photographer get the real low-down on what your family is like on an hour-by-hour basis. Booking your family photographer for an entire day of shooting will get many moments of daily life you wouldn’t capture otherwise. For the moms, you are usually the one taking the pictures, right? Or you dads? This way, you BOTH can be in the photos without having to set a timer and run to pose in front of the camera. These shoots produce photojournalistic style photos – ones that tell a story, moment to moment, emotion to emotion. Get the kids in their jammies eating breakfast, the family making dinner together, and the parents tucking the kids in bed. You could break apart the day any which way you like, just so long as you get the memories that you want to hold on to.

The biggest part of fun family photography is getting everyone to act in the normal way they do when together, without a strange camera in your face. When a family is real and comfortable with each other, the true spirit of the family dynamic comes across. Using these tips for better family photos, getting that spirit across to the photographer is what will give you lasting and memorable family photos for years to come.


Rachel Searfoss is a wedding photography, online marketing, and search engine marketing (SEO) expert. She can help with building photography business, inexpensive websites, and website traffic through link building, SEO, and PPC Advertising. Searfoss also works with Nashville Wedding Photographer Shane Messer. To contact Searfoss, visit: Searfoss Online Marketing and Photographer Web Site Design.

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Portrait Photograph of President Hobart

Hobart Portrait Cabinet Photograph
portrait photographs

Image by Cornell University Library
Collection: Cornell University Collection of Political Americana, Cornell University Library

Repository: Susan H. Douglas Political Americana Collection, #2214 Rare & Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library, Cornell University

Title: Hobart Portrait Cabinet Photograph

Political Party: Republican

Election Year: 1896

Date Made: ca. 1896

Measurement: Cabinet photograph: 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 in.; 16.51 x 10.795 cm

Classification: Photographs

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